by Meth Dad

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released January 22, 2013

artwork by Courtney Spencer



all rights reserved


Meth Dad Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: TittieKittie
When I wake up in the morning
When I wake up from a dream
I'm so glad you're on my side
So glad you're on my team
Were at an endless slumber party
Dressed up like Halloween

Lying in our birthday suits

But this party's got no theme

Good snacks and twacky moms
TittieKittie cat and light

Good snacks and twacky moms
TittieKittie cat and light Strawberry blonde
Track Name: Swimmers
talking to tigers and wishing the wardrobe

to take out the garbage to clean up this place

whooping and craning we'll quit our complaining

we're growing up faster adding fat to our face

testing and learning and books about burning

they're asking to much so let's burn down the school

dim down the lighting and quite the thunder

hush mother nature let me bathe in your pools

i want to want you to want to want me to
Track Name: Rookie Card
i want to know your inside outer body experience
I want to know you weakness and strengths that make you strong
I want to know what's on your mind

wanna touch
wanna taste
wanna feel everything

i want to see your inner beauty outside in the air
i want to taste all i can and jump right in
i wanted you and now you're mine

wanna touch
wanna taste
wanna feel everything
Track Name: Stay Posi
This place is cool, yeah, this town in the best
My friends all rule, yeah, this house is a mess
We like to keep it loud, we like to take it slow
We wear our smiles big, we let our feeling show
Remember we're human, we can get sad
We can get angry, we can get mad

But if we try real hard to keep our spirits high
We live our life one day at a time
If you're ever down, if you're feeling blue

If you need a smile, I am here for you

You can call me up, you can come on over

Got a comfy couch, you can cry on my shoulder

I will cheer you up

I will cheer you up

You won’t bring me down
I will cheer you up, yeah I promise you
Track Name: No Parents
We live in a life where rules never exist

We bypass the hugs and go straight for the kiss
We live life as lovers and never in luck

Most of all we don’t give a fuck
We do what we want and you can't tell us no
We crash every party and make it a show

We drink are self sleepy and crash in the yard
You tell us to slow down but we party to hard

You tell us to slow down but we party to hard

We always have fun and we never get caught

We drink all the beer and we take every shot

No parents allowed only my party people

We burnt down the church and fuct on the steeple
Sleep in till noon and eat breakfast at 3

We act how we want and be who we'll be

We travel the world and bring our whole crew
Cause life is for living and thats what we'll do

Cause life is for living and thats what we'll do
Track Name: You
making books with my favorite mom
while hope the pope she sings along
saying bye to my favorite dad
i hope that bloomington is way to rad
talking nerd with my man nick
eating pizza till we get sick
family meals with the spice world crew
i love you all. all i want it you

all i want is you

charlie and wayne have been gone too long
james scats over every song
danny cant stand the summer heat
while yoseph doesn't miss a beat
hank turns off his NPR
while russ and amber cant start there car
eating candy with ryan green
we're living life like its a dream

all i want is you

all my friends all across this earth
you have no clue how much your worth
id marry you all. please be my wife
i hope we stay best friends for life
all my friends have the biggest hearts
while haley and erin send the coolest art
casey smith always in style
while rachel and brittney always makes me smile
nathan and will are climbing trees
while jacob jars up spagetti
touring the world with my man neil
were screaming songs about how we feel

all i want is you
Track Name: The Flames
woke up to the flames and fire

a leap of faith to escape death

now death is one step closer

so let us live this life that's left

all of the others were the witness

of the untold nightmare too

we all wish we knew what happen

we all wish we had a clue

the flames they burn, they burn much faster

than you ever think they could

these half ass walls, they have fallen

way before we wished they would

i was scared as hell

but you were all i felt

i was scared as hell

as you jumped i fell

i wish i didn't leave

i wish i never crossed the sea

i know it's not my fault

i know it's no ones fault
Track Name: I Do
its on me, its not on you
growing up is hard to do
i don't want you to feel this way
i just can't find the words to say
i'm not saying this is the end 
I'm not saying let's be friends
Its not over, we're not though  
i just hate the thought of the words "I do"
we'll work this out, just wait and see
we'll move on but for now let's be
stay together, stay the same      
spice things up and change the game  
in the end i still love you
in the end our love is true